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How To Jailbreak iPhone 5

Jailbreak iPhone 5

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Jailbreak iPhone 5
Preface: I’m going to describe some of the different jailbreaks below that are easy to use. Even if you mess up with these, it’s just really not a big deal because they have support (and our preferred jailbreak service offers 24/7 support). Of course this is only if you get confused, which is highly unlikely as they make the process simple for you with very easy to understand instructions and guides.

One last bit of advice before we dive it. Please read this. I HIGHLY recommend that you never try and jailbreak your iPhone yourself with some of the crazy software that the hacking crowd uses. If used incorrectly it can completely ruin your phone forever, losing your apps, contacts, text messages and everything else. It’s not just worth your iPhone being “bricked” forever. Be smart, and stay away from the sketchy stuff. Our recommendations below will help you steer clear of that and safely and quickly get you through your jailbreak.

The Jailbreak Shop: Our #1 Recommendation. 

A video from their site:

A close tech friend of mine recommended The Jailbreak Shop to me some time ago, and I’ve been super impressed with them ever since. Their jailbreak software is just splendidly easy to use. On top of that it produces the “cleanest” jailbreak for the iPhone 5 that I’ve ever experienced. No glitchy actions, just clean & smooth operations right from the start.

The Jailbreak Shop seems to have outsmarted Apple, because this jailbreak continues to work flawlessly. I’ve been able to download tons of the best apps from the Cydia store, fully customize my iPhone 5 the way it should be from the start, and integrate all kinds of awesome features that makes my iPhone A LOT better.

There doesn’t seem to be any real risk in ordering from them either. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee (not that you’ll need it). I’ve been using them for my iOS 6 version firmware, but I hear that they already have a jailbreak for iOS 7 in place now.

Inside their members area they also give you access to factory unlock codes (IMEI) so that you can use any phone service provider that you choose. It’s really a pretty awesome deal. If this terminology is new for you, it means that you can use the SIM cards from other cell carriers. It lets you get out of expensive contracts and go wherever offers you the best deal.

Customer Support: Now while I didn’t need it because it was so simple, I spoke to these guys a bit about it to see what they offer. They have staff on board 24 hours a day to answer any questions that anyone has. That’s crazy! Their iPhone support guys are absolute geniuses in my opinion.

Anyway, I give them an 100% score out of jailbreak services. You really can’t go wrong. Go and visit them here. 

iPhone 5

Ok… well this is actually taking a little longer to type out than I had originally expected so I’m going to get back to the other services later (even though they are lower quality). I’ll post again some updates in a week or two.

Cheers! Go Jailbreak iPhone 5 today.

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